Haier Light Commercial


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Smart Power

Cassette Type, Medium ESP Duct Type

Classic Power

Cassette Type, Convertible Type, Duct Type, Slim, Low ESP Duct, Medium ESP Duct, High ESP Duct, Cabinet Type

Maxi Split


Multi Split

Aqua, Nebula, Brezza, Console, Cassette, Convertible, Slim Low ESP Duct, Low ESP Duct, Medium ESP Duct

On / Off

Cassette, Convertible, Medium ESP Duct, High ESP Duct, Cassette Type

R32 Mono Split

Cassette, Convertible, Low Pressure Slim Duct, Medium Pressure Duct
toshiba cyprus eurovent certification
All Toshiba air conditioners are certified by EUROVENT according to European standards. This assures customers that the indicated characteristics of the machine (power consumption, performance, noise, etc.) are accurate and according to the specification indicated.